Sindh Government Hepatitis Prevention & Control Program Sindh Chief Minister Initiative

WORLD HEPATITIS DAY has a new date & will be observed on 28th July The theme 2012 " Its closer than you think". Hepatitis affects every one, everwhere More...

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Three New PCR Labs for Hepatitis Pateints will be established in Karachi & Hyderabad, Six new Sentinel sites will be established in Sindh as per PC-1. . Facility of PCR is being provided free of cost at each Hepatitis Centre.In Sindh 55 Treatment Centres & 27 Vaccination/Screening Centres are functioning in Sindh. Get your new born vaccinated against hepatitis-B plus immunoglublin. A Molicular Laboratary has been working in LarkanaCivil Hospital MirpurKhas & Sukkur for the PCR test of Hepatitis Patients.


Viral hepatitis is a serious public health problem. At present six types of hepatitis viruses have been identified A, B, C, D, E & G viruses. Viral infections are mostly acute but in case of Hepatitis B, C & D can result in chronic infections.

Viral Hepatitis B and C prevalence is on a steady rise in Pakistan. Extrapolation of the figures gives us a staggering number of 1.0 million chronic carriers of Hepatitis B and 2.0 million chronic carriers of Hepatitis C in Sindh.

Alhamdulillah we have completed three years project (2011-2014) & achieved all the targets as per PC-1. By seeing the achievements/targets Honourable Chief Minister Sindh & Health Department agreed & extended this program for next three years (2014-2017).
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