Sindh Government Hepatitis Prevention & Control Program Sindh Chief Minister Initiative

WORLD HEPATITIS DAY has a new date & will be observed on 28th July The theme 2012 " Its closer than you think". Hepatitis affects every one, everwhere More...

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New PCR Lab for Hepatitis Pateints Inaugurated at Sukkur by Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah, Federal Minister.Tender opening 2012 (See details). Facility of PCR is being provided free of cost at each Hepatitis Centre.In Sindh 54 Treatment Centres & 25 Vaccination/Screening Centres are functioning in Sindh. Get your new born vaccinated against hepatitis-B plus immunoglublin.A Molicular Laboratary has been working in LarkanaCivil Hospital MirpurKhas & Sukkur for the PCR test of Hepatitis Patients.


Viral hepatitis is a serious public health problem. At present six types of hepatitis viruses have been identified A, B, C, D, E & G viruses. Viral infections are mostly acute but in case of Hepatitis B, C & D can result in chronic infections.

Viral Hepatitis B and C prevalence is on a steady rise in Pakistan. Extrapolation of the figures gives us a staggering number of 1.0 million chronic carriers of Hepatitis B and 2.0 million chronic carriers of Hepatitis C in Sindh.

Alhamdulillah we have completed three years project (2009-2011) & achieved all the targets as per PC-1. By seeing the achievements/targets Honourable Chief Minister Sindh & Health Department agreed & extended this program for next three years (2011-2014).
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